Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest or your Instagram feed and found a picture of a restaurant nestled on the cliff overlooking the ocean? No need to dive into a long-winded Google search. Just check out the restaurant at the Hotel Grotta Palazzese. Although the hotel houses numerous luxury rooms, one of the most delightful amenities at the hotel is the internationally renowned restaurant sitting right above the sea. Built inside of a natural cave, the Grotta Palazzese restaurant accommodates up to 150 people and provides a view unlike any other in the world. Smaller groups can dine a la carte, while parties larger than size are requested to choose the tasting menu. The tasting menus include various seafood, pasta, and delicate desserts. A la carte diners can choose from various appetizers, seafood dishes such as lobster and sea urchin, and even pasta dishes adorned with caviar. Every dessert on the menu sounds delicious, but we have our eye on that mojito parfait!

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