Relax With A Glass of 7 Mares Vermute

Rita Marques and Luis Antunes' Vermute 7 Mares is a Portuguese vermute prepared from dry and liqueur wines with natural spice infusions, fruit extracts and oils, aromatic herbs, and flowers. The best way to enjoy and appreciate the fragrant nuances of this unique white wine is on its own or poured over ice. As an alternative, try a slice of cucumber or a pinch of salt and don't discount the idea that they might turn up in the cocktails. After all, this wine is perfect before, during, or after a meal. António Quintas developed the graphic for 7 Mares, a spirit with a concept based on the Portuguese marine history, and it comes in a glass bottle with the ergonomic Helix cork stopper.

Produced by 7 MaresVidigueira - Portugal

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