Also called Parkipelago, a number of artificial islands of Copenhagen, introduce a completely re-thought approach to the public parks. With a focus on the place and function of public spaces in the city, the project reflects on the rapid urban development along the shoreline pushing out the conventional recreational spaces but also on a global context with rising sea levels. The concept is that islands will be dispatched to suitable locations around the inner harbor but can easily be relocated to other spots catalyzing life and activity. The first prototype CPH-Ø1 is a hand-made wooden platform around 215 sq. ft with a linden tree in the middle was launched at sea in 2018 and two more islands are planned to be added by spring 2021. It is a simple and iconic metaphor for an uninhabited island, representing wisdom and an earthbound vitality. By placing it on the water, it creates immediate wonder for people, passing by. This is the first taste of a completely new type of public space coming to Copenhagen. Moveable, floating, public spaces free for people to explore and conquer. The project is headed by Danish studio Fokstrot and Australian architect Marshall Blecher.