Discover the Pinnacle of Sailing: The Oyster 1225 Luxury Yacht

Step aboard the Oyster 1225, the crown jewel of Oyster Yachts' esteemed fleet, and embrace the epitome of luxury sailing. Since its inception in 1973, Oyster Yachts has been synonymous with the fusion of performance and opulence, crafting vessels that transcend the ordinary sailing experience.

The Ultimate 120 ft Yacht

The Oyster 1225 isn't just a yacht; it's a 120-foot testament to nautical excellence, designed for those who yearn for the boundless freedom of the seas. This luxury sailing yacht is a marvel of modern naval architecture, combining cutting-edge technology with bespoke luxury to cater to the most discerning sailors.

Oyster 1225: Engineered for Global Adventures

Built for the bold, the Oyster 1225 is your gateway to exploring the world's most remote and enchanting destinations. Its robust design and advanced engineering ensure unmatched performance across the seven seas, while the enclosed cockpit with a hard-top bimini offers a sanctuary of comfort, regardless of the weather.

Custom Luxury Below Decks

The Oyster 1225 redefines onboard living with its expansive and customizable interiors. From the opulent en-suite guest cabins to the dual-level saloon, every inch of the yacht exudes sophistication. The integration of a large hydraulic swimming platform and other state-of-the-art amenities elevates the luxury sailing experience to new heights.

A Signature Sailing Experience

With the Oyster 1225, sailing becomes an art form, offering an unparalleled blend of exhilarating performance and serene luxury. This 120 ft yacht is not just a vessel; it's a home on the high seas, ready to whisk you and your loved ones away on unforgettable voyages, surrounded by the panoramic beauty of the ocean.

Embrace the essence of sailing with the Oyster 1225, where every journey becomes a masterpiece of memories, set against the backdrop of the world's most breathtaking seascapes.

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