‘Out with old and in with the new’- Scuba divers are always on the lookout for dependable scuba dive computers with the latest upgrades. The new Oceans S2 Supersonic scuba dive computer has been specially created for the ‘21st-century’ diver and is jam-packed with features. Besides the complete buddy communication system and air integration, this new scuba dive computer can monitor remaining air from the diving computer using Oceans’ Supersonic sonar technology.

Back in 2019, Oceans produced the first wearable dive computer with built-in buddy comms, making communication underwater among recreational divers possible. Following its success and with the support of explorer Fabien Cousteau, the S2 Supersonic is an upgraded version of the S1. Similar to the S1, the S2 Supersonic will let buddy teams send messages to each other over a distance of about 20 meters underwater. The additional five new predefined messages include the texts- 'Ascend', 'Stay', 'Cold', 'Shark', and 'Assist'. The scuba dive computer is of the dimensions 75 × 30 × 30mm and weighs around 100 grams, making it easy to wear underwater. It includes the rechargeable battery life of 10 hours, air integration with Oceans TX Supersonic tank pod, fresh cover and wristband designs, enhanced display and system chip, and an optional bungee kit.

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