NESTOR, 18" X 24"

Originated by Tom Crestodina, an experienced Alaska fisherman, the Scow’s collection features unique whimsical marine drawings revealing the excitement of fishing and sailing. Tom’s arts are meant to educate and inspire kids, amuse veteran fishermen, sailors, and delight marine lovers.

NESTOR, 18" X 24"

A series of prints revealing a story behind the magnificent ocean liner “Nestor”. Drawn in iconic Art Decor style, this work is full of mystery, adventure, danger, and intrigue. It reveals crimes, heartbreak, romance, and excitement on the upper decks, while the coal-fired boiler powers a triple-expansion steam engine below.

The Nestor is the second largest vessel to date at 16" x 22", and is available in a series of 250 signed, numbered prints.

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