Nemesis One - World's Fastest Hydrofoil Catamaran

Nemesis One has been claimed as the fastest luxury hydraulic yacht in the world. This futuristic vessel will fly on the water at speeds of over 50 knots while providing security and the comfort of the superyacht.

To minimize crew requirements, Nemesis One features state of the art hydraulic system and electric controls throughout the design. To achieve the concept of minimalism, advanced technology will replace bulky winches and cluttered lines.

Nemesis One will be equipped with the latest generation of smart LiDar (Laser radar) sensors capturing the yacht surroundings and monitoring the sea state, wave height, shape, and frequency. The information will be processed by yacht's mainframe and translated into control commands for the automated hydrofoils and rudders allowing the yacht to be stable and safe.

Nemesis One has been uniquely designed to have the option to exchange the port and starboard facing living modules, for ones with different interior design. Furthermore, both modules can be completely removed converting the fast yacht into the ‘Ultra-Light Race Mode’ configuration.

The yacht will remain a zero-emission vessel, even without wind power. It is powered by retractable hydrogen-electric propulsion and has no need for traditional fossil fuels.

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