Designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures, The Nautilus Eco-Resort project is a groundbreaking eco-tourism complex that combines scientific knowledge with eco-tourist willingness to optimize the rehabilitation and protection of a degraded ecosystem. The constructions of this Eco-Resort are based on biomimicry and are inspired by the shapes, structures, intelligence of materials, and feedback loops found in living beings and endemic ecosystems. The Eco-Resort pledges to be actively involved with engineers, scientists, and ecologists in protecting the environment that it wants to discover to the host communities and travellers. This collaborative idea promotes responsible eco-tourism through education and interpretation in a natural setting, with the goal of preserving and progressively restoring local populations' resources and well-being. The nautical recreation base and research center are housed in a CLT structure in the lagoon's heart. Three hundred sixty degrees of undulating ramps unfolding like big origami cover this. Vegetable gardens and organic orchards grow on the roof to serve the resort's eco-restaurant.

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