When a drive for perfection and a passion for well-crafted details, typical traits of Riva, converge with the world’s most loved and oldest game – the origins of Backgammon date back to around 6000 years ago – the result is an absolute wonder, for both the eyes and the mind.
Riva Backgammon, which has been thoroughly designed and perfected down to the smallest of details, is a challenge that Riva Brand Experience was eager to accept: providing a fresh new look to the most famous games “box” in the world, using its quintessential style, materials, and colours.
The mahogany, maple, steel, and leather were “forged” to create a unique and exquisite masterpiece of a game, made in two versions that differ in materials and price. Even when it is not being played, the box transforms into an example of artisanal craftsmanship, with the Riva brand name inlaid in steel, or, for the more lavish model, it comes with an amazingly stunning “transparent” inlay.
The dice and the counters, in white and aquamarine with mahogany inlays, and the container used for throwing the dice, in mahogany and maple wood, reflect the attention to detail that makes the most sought-after yachts in the world unique.

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