M/S Escape Backpack from Mismo

The M/S Escape pays homage to the traditional cycling pack silhouette with its folded top and barrel shaped body. Reworked and refined through the Mismo lens to capture a city-casual, sophisticated and enduring appearance. The top is gently closed and kept in place by two hidden magnetic buttons and a large D-ring that allows the pack to be securely closed via a buckle strap attachable to two smaller D-rings placed on the top backside and inside the front pocket. A large external “grocery” pocket plus an extra “slide-down” pocket behind the grocery pocket allows for ample space to hold all your field essentials. Features a mixed nylon-ribbon slash bridle-leather back strap adjustable through solid brass buckles, an internal padded laptop compartment and opposite a small zip pocket and a spacious slide down pocket in the gusset.

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