Culinary Odyssey with Iris: Expedition Dining

Embark on an epicurean odyssey at Iris, where dining transforms into a captivating expedition. Nestled within the stunning Hardanger fjord of Norway, Iris offers an immersive culinary experience that mirrors the breathtaking landscape. The adventure of Expedition Dining commences with a boat excursion departing from Rosendal, an enthralling journey that engages all your senses, from mesmerizing underwater displays to al fresco rooftop dining, where you can soak in the majestic fjord vistas. Chef Anika Madsen, a devoted advocate of sustainability, crafts a tasting menu that narrates a compelling tale of oceanic and alpine ingredients. You have the option to elevate your dining experience further with thoughtfully paired wines or alcohol-free beverages. This extraordinary gastronomic voyage culminates with a serene boat voyage back to Rosendal, leaving indelible memories of Iris' unparalleled Expedition Dining etched in your heart and mind.

Photos: Iris Instagram

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