Hotel Wailea Revealed: A Journey Through Time and Luxury

"Hotel Wailea" unfolds the captivating story of Hawaii's secluded gem. Join Malia Mattoch in discovering its transformation from a private club to a luxurious retreat, nestled between the ocean and Haleakalā volcano. With over 100 stunning photographs, this book dives into the hotel's essence, celebrated by celebrities and discerning travelers alike. Awarded as No. 1 Hawaii resort in Travel + Leisure’s 2023 World’s Best Awards, Hotel Wailea stands as a testament to privacy, luxury, and unparalleled service, offering a unique perspective on island living away from the crowds. This book not only chronicles the hotel's rich history and present allure but also offers readers a glimpse into the tranquil luxury that defines Hotel Wailea. It's a celebration of the unique blend of privacy, elegance, and natural beauty that makes this destination so remarkable.

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