Live like Royalty on Grace Kelly's 147-Foot Honeymoon Superyacht - the Ultimate Luxury Experience!

The Quasar Expeditions, well-known for its iconic status, has recently undergone extensive upgrades to its interiors and technical aspects. These renovations were aimed at enhancing the cruising experience, maximizing comfort, and giving the yacht a modern, sophisticated look. To achieve this, a highly reputable South American design firm worked on the project, resulting in a yacht that is truly magnificent - just like the late Grace Kelly. The Grace yacht, which has won numerous awards, has been completely renovated from the front to the back, and is continually updated with features that are perfect for the Galapagos Islands. The ship, which was selected by Princess Grace Kelly for her honeymoon, is both refined and daring, making it an ideal choice for adventurous travelers. Guests who board this new yacht will get to experience the Galapagos Islands the way Darwin did many years ago - intimately and privately. However, they will also get to enjoy the added comfort, distinction, and elegance of modern times. This luxurious 16-guest yacht boasts a larger deck space, stabilizers that ensure a smooth ride, expert naturalist guides with over 15 years of experience, and itineraries designed for the best possible wildlife encounters.

The video - Quasar Expeditions YouTube Channel

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