Fresh take on the nautical stripes - the biggest trend in 2021

Summer is the time for the brightest fashion experiments. The season of navy stripes is just around the corner, and time to get ready.

In the new season, designers and brands are experimenting with the length, width, color, and direction of the strip. You will see various variations of this classic pattern across clothing, shoes, accessories, and home decor.

Stripes in a nautical style carry a touch of the summer vacation season and are accepted in a combination of white and blue colors but can be diluted with red, yellow, and even black tones.

What you should know about stripes

  • Breton stripes used to be worn by French sailors in knockabout clothes and now define signature nautical style boasting your love of sailing or sweet memories on the shore.
  • Coco Chanel was inspired by the iconic stripes after a visit to the French coast and then introduced them to the fashion world as a design element in her collection.
  • Nautical-inspired clothing has transformed into the all-time classics
  • Nautical stripes on dresses, sweaters, swimwear, shoes and all types of accessories are indispensable to complete your casual nautical look
  • Nautical stripes go perfectly with white, blue, navy, red colors, espadrilles, canvas totes, gold jewelry, pleated skirts.
  • There is a myth that vertical stripes create a widening effect. It does contribute to the visual extension of the body, but it really depends on the color and width of the stripes.

Here is a list of trendy shopping items from various brands that feature a popular striped pattern to give your look a nautical touch.