The Mystique of Motion: FLYING WHALE

"Flying Whale" is a kinetic sculpture that captures the heart of the ocean's song. Sang-yong Lee from Hyunjin Seoul Studio in South Korea has produced this piece transforming wood, metal, and leather into the likeness of a majestic humpback whale.

The Flying Whale: An Artistic Marvel

Poised on its center of gravity, this whale kinetic sculpture responds to the air's whispers or a gentle human touch, making the whale 'swim' through the currents of air. The kinetic sculpture moves in unpredictable yet graceful patterns, showcasing the creature's various angles and dimensions in a symphony of motion. The deliberate distribution of weight throughout the whale's form lends to a performance that reflects the true undulations of a humpback whale navigating through the deep blue.

Engaging Artistry

This "Flying Whale" art invites engagement and wonder, beckoning observers to set it in motion and watch as it reveals the unpredictable beauty of its journey. Like the natural movements of its living counterparts, "Flying Whale" offers a moment of marine tranquility in the palm of your hand or with the brush of a fingertip.

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