Firmship FS42: Crafting the Next Wave of Nautical Luxury

Firmship reimagines maritime tradition through a modern lens, making Firmship FS42 not just a boat, but a masterpiece on water. This versatile vessel, designed by the renowned Studio Job, comes in two stunning variants, each crafted to meet the modern mariner's needs. Choose the classic elegance of steel and teak paneling powered by a robust diesel engine, or opt for the eco-friendly version. Crafted from aluminum with chic bamboo wood paneling, the green alternative boasts an electric engine, merging sustainability with maritime grace. Measuring a sleek 12.5 meters in length and comfortably accommodating up to four guests, the FS42 is built for intimate voyages and tranquil escapes. Whether you're drawn to the traditional charm or the sustainable future of boating, the FS42 promises unmatched beauty and performance for every seafaring soul.

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