Fabergé is stepping into the world of espionage and luxury by unveiling its first James Bond-inspired piece. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Fabergé egg featured in the 1983 Bond film, the 007 Limited Edition Octopussy Egg dazzles with its 18k yellow gold shell, wrapped in a layer of green guilloché enamel and intricately engraved with octopus tentacles. A clever 007 clasp reveals a striking 18k yellow gold octopus inside, its white diamond suckers and black diamond eyes giving a nod to the movie's memorable villain. This masterpiece sits elegantly on a gold stand, sparkling with white diamonds and blue sapphires, embodying both the mystery and glamour of James Bond. Crafted over six months and perfected by 12 specialists, this limited edition of just 50 pieces is a testament to Fabergé's commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and the allure of cinema's most famous spy. Perfect for aficionados of coastal luxury and the intrigue of oceanic wonders, this Fabergé egg is a collector's dream, blending the worlds of high-seas adventure with the pinnacle of luxury.

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