Bring the Coastal Charm Home with the Deco 79 Metal Round Accent Table with Oar Shaped Legs

This magnificent table exudes a nautical charm, making it an impeccable choice for any coastal or beach-themed living space. Measuring 16x16x30 inches, this accent table boasts a generous clearance of 27 inches, giving you ample space to showcase your treasured decor pieces or utilize it as a functional side table. The oar-shaped legs lend an air of uniqueness to the overall design, invoking images of the sea and its timeless charm. Crafted from exquisite glass and metal, this accent table is an embodiment of beauty, durability, and longevity. The distressed finish endows it with a vintage aura that's perfect for a beach or coastal setting. And the iron material comes in a captivating combination of white, red, and blue, capturing the essence of the ocean. Assembling this remarkable piece is a breeze, requiring no arduous efforts. Furthermore, with its weighted metal base, you can rest assured that this accent table will remain steady and unwavering in any spot you choose to display it.

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