SW108 Gelliceaux: A New Horizon in Hybrid Superyacht Luxury

Launched in Cape Town as Southern Wind's first hybrid model, this superyacht represents a new chapter in eco-friendly maritime luxury. Its advanced composite structure, featuring a full carbon hull, deck, and bulkheads, ensures a lightweight yet robust build, with a displacement of just 78.9 tons. Designed by the renowned teams at Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design, the SW108 Gelliceaux is crafted for speed and agility, boasting an increased sail plan, a versatile lifting keel, and a twin rudder configuration. On deck, the yacht captivates with its clean, modern layout and an innovative coachroof design that floods the interior with natural light. Below deck, the yacht's interior is a haven of luxury, offering a four-cabin layout that includes a serene owner’s cabin and three guest cabins, all complemented by a sophisticated lighting system and elegant wood finishes. The SW108 Gelliceaux is not just a yacht; it's a statement of eco-conscious elegance and cutting-edge technology, promising an unforgettable sailing experience.

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