Sea lovers prefer scents that remind them of the ocean and compliment their nautical sense of style. The exhilarating zest of Grapefruit and the intensity of an aromatic harmony are combined with the woody whisper of Dry Cedar in Chanel's Bleu De Chanel. It has a warm and seductive trail thanks to New Caledonian Sandalwood. A combination of power and grace. It is a woody, fragrant scent for the man who challenges convention, featuring a daring blend of citrus and woods that liberates the senses. It's light, airy, and deeply sensual. Bleu De Chanel is available in many different sizes and compositions, including eau de toilette spray, perfume spray, all-over spray, shaving lotion, deodorant sticks and sprays, moisturizer, and even a shower gel. This scent truly reminds the wearer of days spent on a boat, at the beach, and marine landscapes, no matter where they are.

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