BadGal by Officina Armare

Curated by Italian studio, Officina Armare, 43 meter BadGal is not only a luxury yacht, it’s a playground of imagination and fantasy - the ultimate spot for relaxation and getaway. The exterior design is the most fascinating feature of the yacht. Clean, essential, and streamlined exterior lines add a sporty, yet elegant look. Large black windows with a high sheer line run all the way from bow to stern. The glass dome-shaped upper deck adds to the incredible sleek exteriors giving the vessel a feel of speed and quickness. The luxe interior decor features woods, stones, and metals. Officina Armare accommodates a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a large dining area, five staterooms for up to 10 guests, and other gorgeous amenities.

The innovative solution of hiding bow mooring equipment under the upper deck flooring solves the problem of combining the space needed for the mooring system and keeping a smooth over-all design with the ordinary bow shape. BadGal is powered by double MTU 12V 4000CM93L engines to push the yacht to the astounding top speed of 29+ knots.

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