André Musgrove is an Underwater Photographer

Underwater photographer, cinematographer, free diver, spearfisherman, and private dive guide, Andre Musgrove is the closest thing to an actual merman that we’ve come across. His greatest talent is his unique perspective of the underwater world that defines him. His work is featured in some of the most prestigious publications on Earth, but he truly shines photographing dream-like scenarios under the ocean’s surface. Telling a story through photography is rarely achieved on land. Musgrove’s ability to use waves, ship wreckage, creatures, the seafloor, and underwater vegetation to communicate a human story is remarkable. His models appear to be living in a lucid state, where the laws of gravity and light don’t exist. Andre uses his home in the Bahamas as his canvas and delivers a message through the fragility of his mortal subjects. If you are looking to transcend your next production, allow Andre to be your guide. His resourcefulness, vision, and interpersonal skills make him a valuable asset to any production team around his home in the Bahamas or internationally.

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